Monday, May 15, 2006


apostrophes - i dont get it!

i dont understand dis at all but my hooman dad saw dis in west hamstead and thort it was worth showing - but it is MY blog but i is feelin genrus cos i is top cat and can do that. if you kno grammer it is ver funny ?

That is just awful.
I fear for the nation.

Biggles - you should look up a book called Eats, Shoots & Leaves. Tis very funny (and probably v comfortable to lie on too)

Yers, Lorna, my hooman "dad" says that wen he woz doin sum supply teachin, he didnt say wot he woz supplyin, wiv junor age childern he rote his own sheet on apostrophes to teech dem der rules. he sed dat its better to leave dem out den put dem in and i all ways leave dem out see? dats clever. some of der childern wud put dem in almost anywere and he wud ask Y? an der chidlren wud just luk up at him or shrug der showlders, cos dey dunno. i can use der apostrofee if i wont too. watch. its' not dat difficult. he also gets ver ver cross at fings like (hes' spellin dis for me - your for you're and he hates hates hates young people of you're age wot reply to der kwestshun "How are you?", "I'm good" cos he sais you ca'nt just swap an adjective for an adverb and reply about your behaviour when you are being asked bout' you're state of general well-being. I di'd'nt understand a word of dat. Got to go on petrol now in der teritory cos ders lots of berds and fings flyin around dis mourning.
I had a fort yesterday. Another of those wonderful instances in the English language where things either look or sound the same but have utterly different meanings:
entrance and to entrance (though it only struck me now 'cos you are usually 'entranced' in the passive)

Ah the wonders of language
yars, well, bein an eggspert on hooman language,(dis is bein diktaited by my hooman dad) yoo will usually find dat when you put the emfasis on der last syllable of a word wot is also der same as a noun, its cos its a verb. altho an obvus acception is minute (time) and minute (v v small).
Biggles should check out for his photo's.
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