Saturday, May 27, 2006


doin jobs' and being hel'pful (see i can yuse appostroffees even in titels no'w!!!)

NO, do'nt be frytend, its' onlee mee!!! Not a big jungly beesty. Dis is mee gettin der prise of being ferst to sit on der lorndry basket when der woshin has bin hung out!!! Top Catz get to go ferst!!! dey ar'e pretty AMASIN BRILLANT pics ar'ent' they??? (dats calld a retorikal kweschun) i kant' choose wich wun i prefurr cos i liek dem both!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (cos i stil like it)

i has reealized dat i has'nt' (2 apostroffees - gud inn'it?)told you bout der jobs i do and how i help my hoomans. i dus a few jobs to help and i reely do help.

when dey cum bak form der soopermarket i run out on two der front parf and gard der shoppin wot is bein brort in ( i also role over on der parf and hope to get my tummy tickeld). and den wen der shopin is unpakd i can choos wich plastic bag i wont too sit on cos i's top cat and get ferst choice. but if dey woz sensibl dey wood ete mr hills science luvly food liek wot i do.
i also gard der hous wen dey leeve der territorree. dey fink i is just sleepin cos wen dey cum in i luk as tho i is 99.999% asleap but dat is a trick in case its' a bergler.
i also keep peepl cumpernee wen dey eet so i eat two. dis woz reely good wen der childern livd at hoam cos i had lots and lots of brekfasts - my own and den anuvver wun wen each hooman cum down. i still celebrait peeple cummin in der kitchen by eetin and i also ferlollop over so dat dey can tickle my tumm

now in der guardin i has too ver important helpin jobs. sumtiems der hoomans do fings in der flowerbeds corled reedin or weedin but not liek wen dey wont der noosepaper i is sittin on - pullin fings out (can't fink Y) anyway, i look after der tools and fings and make shure dey ar saif. runty offen helps two but she dont' do as much as me.

my faverit job in der gardin is helpin hang out der washin dis is ded good but dey only do it in der summer when der sun shines. my dad cums out wiv der basket and i help by watchin and gettin stroked and fings. and den i get ferst tern in der lorndry basket to jump in and play or if he terns it ova to sit on it. wots reely gud and maiks him ded cross is wen hes' hangin owt a wites wash - dats lots of wite fings - tee hee - wot i dose is - i trie to get my poors muddy and i wate til ders only a few fings in der bottom and den i jump on dem and try to make der hankies and nickers hav my poor marks all over. dis is ded good fun and he gets cross and froze me out of the baskit but i do'nt kair cos i dun it and made der fings has my pour print. tee hee. and den mumy gets cross wen she cums hoam and finds dry pour marx on her nickers. tee hee hee. my reeword for dooin dis job is dat i get ferst chans to sit on der lorndree basket - like in dis pic - sumtimes runty beets me to it but not ver offen and she better wotch it!.

This web page is just insane... We are a Norwegian and an Australian looking for that vaginal secreet from Beagle dogs that made them inspired to make a similar yellow-colour-preservative for food... Pure evil! If you find it... contact us! By the way... your blog was one of the web pages that popped up when we were looking for this....
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