Sunday, May 28, 2006


from The Runt

Hello. This is Tosca-runty-poo-nunu, for a change. I felt I should put my point of view down as well as Biggles', as he may have given you a bad impression of me... Tail! Bad!!! Evil!!! I'll bite you. I will..!!! Owww!! That hurt you bastard! I shall bite you again as punishment. Oww that hurt too!!!

Anyway, sorry, where was I? My tail, you see, is a distinct (and bad!) personality and it annoys me frequently so I have to chase it. But it tends to get away from me, so I lie in wait and lull it into a false sense of security by licking it... and then I pounce! haha! Victory. Pain :(

Ahem. Anyway.

What I wanted to say was that Biggles may be top cat around here, but I am the top cat of the upstairs!!! Haha, yes I am. The bedrooms are my domain. And then I have to have a drink from my tap in the upstairs bathroom. I get sooooo thirsty and have to ask my humans again and again for a drii-ii-iink!!! So then they turn the tap on and I drink and drink and drink and the top of my head gets all wet, but I don't mind.

You will notice in my picture that I am sleeping. Now the only way to sleep securely is to keep the evil tail under tight control. In this example I have the evil tail on top of three legs and have the left paw over it. The evil cunning tail can still be naughty so I have put my nose on the tail as well. This will normally do for a serious sleep. Incidentally, I am sleeping on and in a suit case which I just love!!! Yumm.

Anyway, I need attention now. So I'll go and find a human to yowl at...

I tell yoo dis cat is bonkers and she needs a blog of her own rarver dan yoosin mien. But it shose i is niece cos i shair. Anonymouse - dat means, not tellin!
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