Sunday, May 14, 2006


hello lorna grifftits a young lady of taste

well, yoo is a young lady of taist, lorna grifftits. i will tell yoo a tru strory bout zoe an me. we had a long long battle for whoo was higher in der peckin oder. an in der end she went a way to colleage. i wun. ha ha ha ha !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (cos i liek doin dat) i alwase noo i wood win. why? cos i is top cat, sea! an darwin lieked oranges an der color orange best!!! acksherley i has never sat on his book but i quiet liek siting on buks but not as much as sitin on der bit of der noos paper wot my hoomans is tryin to reed at der table. bugger off biggles day say an uvver luvin fings, an den dey stroke me, natch. dis tie pin is tirin.

Quite clearly you're top cat. Zoglet should have realised that!

ear biggles
I iz de top kat in de hole world. I iz de posh pershun kitn kat cawled Shayna
My humins sez I iz bootiful
I like 2 sit on paperz 2 biggles, wot iz best 4 de pershun posh pusss?
I fink yor pikcher iz grate
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