Monday, May 08, 2006


My name

Peplle is often askin me about my name. well, i'm called biggels cos i's ginger!!!

Human here: those of you have read the great literary works of the English language will be familiar with the Biggles books where our intrepid hero beats those dastardly Nazi scum. Biggles' best friend is Ginger, hence the name of our ginger cat, well, you wouldn't call it "Ginger" would you. In fact, Biggles' full name is: Biggles Ginger Algie Von Stalhein Freedman.

Fank yoo hooman. Now, Biggles is sort of copyd on me cos i is a very very brave cat as yoo wil lern in this blog, wot wil also contane my grate forts - such as the alhambra (hoo sez im not edjookated)

Their is a smarty pans hoo finks i got der rong werld war - well, how meny der bean den, eh? Will cheque dis wiv a hooman. Dis clever kloggs is wot we call a pendant!!!

Weren't the Biggles novels set in the First World War? I distinctly remember reading one that was - with Maltese Crosses on biplanes, the Red Baron and everything.
Lissen smarty pants. i will hav to arsk a hooman. countin to me is sumfink dat goes 1 or me and lots. altho i can count der 2 femails wot liv hear. how many werld wars do yoo want? honestly as if i doesnt has enuff trubles watchin my territory and petrolin between sleeps.
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