Wednesday, May 17, 2006


my speling

A yung lady has complane'd to my mail hooman (who lieks to fink he is my dad and i nead him) (sea I can yoos apostroffees!!) abowt my spelin. Look. I do my best, ok? and spelin is daft. Look at right, write, wright, rite - wots all dat about? eh? Listen Melissa - not dat im' mentionin you're name hear on der werld wide webb and i beleve in freadom of speach - den my dad says dat "fast" is a verb, a noun, a adverb and a adjective - what ever dey is. my dad says wot is speld 'what' - wy? wots der H got to do with anithing? and the H in why? and den he tells me that minute and minute mean a bit of time and ver ver tiny. dat entrance and entrance mean way to go in and then to delight, sumfing liek wot i do all der tiem. yes and wy is 'werld' supposed to be 'world' if its pronounced werld. even easy words like see and sea - i mean for goodnes saik!!!! won and one, wot does der T do in lissen??? oh, enuff!!!

den theirs bi by buy bye and dem stoopid cricket wotchers - sea beloe - have 4 byes down der leg sied and 4 leg byes wot can go down der off side and bearders puts dem down against the crickets wicket keeper - all dis for noisy littel animals, rub rub rub down der leg side.

Daneil says that der wos wunce a tiem in der werld called BS Before Speling wen yoo cud choos how to spel. much better. its an animal rite to choose how to spel and if peepel dont' like my best trise at speling den i will take dem to der european caught of animal justis for not allowing me my Rite to Spel. der is a Uropean Act of Animal Rites and Mr Blur has to follow it, even at the vets!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (ver long won cos i is cross).

i was not ver good at spelin at cat skool. i was good at helpin and i still am - but dats for anuther day. and i lookd all over for a spel chequer in gugle but culdnt find wun.

i need a good sleap now. i is a good sleeper - but my dad sais dats sumthink yoo put railways on. i got a head ake now.

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