Wednesday, May 17, 2006


shayna freeman top cat in der werld

er, shayna freemans' big sista yofi wot has too big chunks missin form her ear says she is upset dat i sez shayna is not top kat in der werld. and i fink dis yofi mite be loockin for a fite!!! luk i is not wantin a big argum'ent (sea, i can use apostroffees wot you ca'nt) wiv anuvver cat. no no. and i is not skared of frets and fings cos i is a top cat. orl i is sayin is dat i is der top cat in my territory, ok? i is shure der is spaice for us all. (i getcha, yofi, shayna is reely a bimbo scaredy cat wot dont go out so has no territorree). so i is sorry if i upset shayna in sayin dat she is not der top cat in der hole waid werld and promise yoo wont' cum round sume night froo my cat flap and beat me up?. so, yeah yeah shena is top cat in der werld, ok


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