Sunday, May 14, 2006


The Species of Oranges

My hooman beans went to see a house corled Down House - a very silly name as it has an up and a down, so i shall corl it der upside Down House.

Now dis is der hous were Charles Darwin rote a buk called The Species of Oranges. he wos a strainge man. he went on ship corled der dog or beagle or spaniel or sumfink for a long time and he collected shells an fings. at home he liked werms ver much and snails and plaid wiv plants. wot a ver ver borin and silly man.

but he was rite abowt un fing. he wrote about the survival of the fattest and also that orange is der best color. now yoo may have noticed my color form der photos, whot is it? hmm? ginger or orange. and indeed i is perfeckly adapted as best as poss for modern life. my colour maches der cork tiles on der floor perfec so dat wen i roll over to hav my tummy stroked der white of it shose up completely clear but if i want to hide i is camooflarged. so altho dis mr darwin must have been ver ver borin he was not completely stupid. yoo can also see a picksher of his upside down house.

and anuvver fing abowt evolution. my hoomans may have horizontally opposed thums but i tell you dey dusnt have clors like wot i has, dey has to wer cloves, ha, and dey cant even lick ther bottoms!!! ha!!!

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