Monday, May 08, 2006


thoughts of a top cat

hello, my name is biggles and i am the top cat in my house. many people think i spend alot of my life just sleeping but this is simply not true as i have to protect my territory, eat, find my humans, eat, think, sleep, eat, keep the females in their place, sit on a human for a bit, be very very brave. in this blog i will be putting my forts.
my dad says i should use sum fink corled a spel chequer but i cant find it anywear.

so wotch this spayce!!!

Biggles, you have a belly I'd love to stroke. You obviously eat well; do you prefer a well-trained family of humans to provide your meals, or do you thrill to the chase and the pleasures of fresh food?
well, diss kwestshun is whot we call a no-brainer. Chacing after yor fud is stoopid stoopid stoopid and a waist of energy. Real food is made by Mr Hill-Science and is crunchy and luvly. Now when I wos yung my hoomans wood offer me bits of there meat and say fings like - look its roste organic chicken or bootiful roste beaf - it smelt quiet nice but honestly they coodnt fool me, hah! der reel fud comes from Mr Hill-Science and is orlways der in my bole. See? Cuh, if kweshtshuns is goin to be as stoopid as dat won I may not be bovverd to anser, elizabeth c, see? i'm quiet tired now.
i suppose i shud menshun the therd cat hear, Gwenny, der miggit, wot i dont like at all!!!! and nor dus runty. she likes a mouse very very much as a tasty snack but she dusnt always finish it. i will tork more about her annutha tiem. but i like gettin her in a corner and swearin at her wot she doesnt like. she is der smallest cat i no but she has lots of muscle and is bluddy fast. last year i chased her behind the shed and she slipped throo der fence and i nearly got stuck!!! this is not funny!!! so thats it. food in a bole when yoo want it and a nice loud purr while eatin. thank yoo for your comment.

I is able to comment !! :)

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