Monday, May 15, 2006


usin proper names on oprah and singin

now i is not a grate fan of singin espeshly wen my hooman 'dad' (so he finks, ha) is singin, it is not ver nice and is werst wen he finks it is good!!

but i digress

i wont to congratulait der english nation oprah for usin proper ful names for composers and showin respeck. recently i has seen on der websit J Offenbach not J Bach in a frenchy peace called helen and der bells. and den der was orfeo der awful not as is usual ritten by verdi but by montyverdi. now dis is proper. no one cals me biggs i is called biggles cos dat is my name in full. lets stop all dese harf names and use der ful wun all der tiem!!

ps i did unce explor singin and was told dat dey wrote for peepel liek me, caster row toe?????, but now dese roles is sung by counting tenners!!! reely, hoomans is so stoopid - why count in tenners??? tenners has no branes aniway an dees countin tenners is werst dan tom cats yowlin in der guardin!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!> (noo wun tee hee)

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