Wednesday, July 26, 2006


finckin bout bloggin

i has recievd cristisisms cos i has not bin bloggin. look!!!! yoo may fink i can just sit at der puter and do dis bloggin fing but i tel you it taeks a lot of finking bout and den der is der typin befor i has foregotten wot i is finkin. hear!!!! just look at dese fotos of me. i cum upstares to blog and i had brillant forts, natchurally, and i fort i wud just have a littel rest beefor der bloggin typin cos der finkin is ver hard, and den i fort i wood just close my littel peepers for just a few seckonds and den i foregot wot i woz goin too say!! yoo sea, when yoo has to fink bout der strategies of petrolin and guardin der guardin and mindin der heet and everyfing, it is just ver ver hard werk to eckspeckd me to blog two!!! but i has decided to do sum more bloggin now.

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