Sunday, July 30, 2006


loungers is ver ver niece

Der hoomans is ver neice to me and put out lungers in the guardin in der sumer. Now, I does let dem use dem a bit and sumtimes i has to wait and wate for dem to get off so dat i can get on. and den dey sumtiems say - "now, share nicely". wots dis shair niecely fing?????? dats not wot top cats duz nor dus i liek bei'ng shuvd of or bein tolde to shaire nisely.

in dese pickshers i is havin a niece quite evenin rest cos its' bin sooooo hott!?!?!?!?!?!?!? so i offen wate untill der evnin befour i use der lunger unless i'ts in der shaid. lungers is brill and i liek dem ver ver much. but i dus not liek bein throne off!! okay!>!>!> its' my mum wot dus it most even wen i is on diss lunger wot is der wun wot gives such brill kammerflarj and dey say kats ca'nt sea kolors - wot ever dat is.

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