Wednesday, July 26, 2006


luverly spelin & gramar & jon lewis uses postroffees

my hooman dad thort yoo mite liek dese. der won on der left luks fien to me but i supose i better let him yoos my blog as he ai'nt got wun of his own.

Der uvver is from John Lewis wot is suposed to be a shop wot nose how to spell and nose its gramar and how to yoos der appostroffee - see, just liek mee, stick em were yoo wont. miend yoo Der Guardinia noos paper is "no better" says my dad - childrens' - dey right says my dad, pah and grrrr! wots rong wiv dat? nuffin as far as i can sea. any way i hope der hoomans is happy bout dis, all i can say is just right wot yoo wont when you wont and spel how yoo feel dat momen't. and pop; in an appostroffee wen yoo wont two'.

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