Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Sun bayvin and globule warmin

Der is a lot of tutt tuttin goin on about sumfin calld globule warmin. Now i does'nt know alot bout dis but i is havin a ver ver hard lief sunday barfin ever day. I has to hide in der bushes sumtimes cos it is soooooo hot!! runty preefurrs to sleep in der flowerbed or on der shed in dappled sunlight, wot is ver luvly but dont' make her less of a runt. I is goin to sho yoo lots of pickshers of me sun bavin cos it is loverly. In fact, dats wy i hasnt' bin bloggin recently cos eyes bin two bizzy sleepin in der guardin and uvver places. So, woch for lots of fotos of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dese fotoes is partikly nice. der ferst shose how i is genrus and shair der old shed wiv runty for cumpny. Der second shose me on my summer tabel. der hoomans put up a plastick tabel in sumer and i find it ver ver good for sunbarvin on in der mornins as it gets lots of son den. i lets dem yoos der tabel for meels but its' reely mien!!! sumtiems day leeve a tebel cloff on it wot is niece and soft and den dey say - bugger off biggles! diss has got to goe to der wosh now!! and uvver luvly fings liek dat. also muy dad opens der daw and i can get strait in too brekfast fast. its a hard life diss summer. and now ders a hoas pipe ban so der dad hooman works up der guardin wiv too bucketts watrin der highdrangers all der time, altho sum of the flours is quiet low so wy dey is calld highdrangers i don';t know, ah, unless its hide-rangers!!! cos i can hide in dem, yeah, dats it. clever kat in i??!!

but diss hole globule warmin fing. oh dear oh dear all der bodies tutt, not enuff rane too much sunn etc etc. luk, wen der sun shines loads runty dont' piss in der howze and is ver ver happy (well do;'nt piss ver offen) and i can sleep out lots and be on guard and fings - not dat i mind rane, oh no, not me, cos i is a top kat sea!!!!!). and wots rong wiv hot sun shine. I can warm my tummy all der tiem and my tummy is high in polly un satyoo rates cos of mr hill-science. so, stop all der bleedin winjin and enjoy der sumer.

Welcome back Biggles!
I'm glad to hear you've been enjoying the sun, but upset that you haven't found the time to tell us all about it :(

I was at a party last night and there were two cats in the garden - one of them looked quite a lot like you, but obviously wasn't a top cat because there's only one of those!

Anyway - I don't like the summer too much, because I'm blonde and my skin goes bright red if I'm not careful. I quite like winter, so I'm not enjoying all the sun :(

Halo Lorna Grifftits nise to here from yoo agen, sory i hasnt' dun much postin but its' so hot as you say. we blond ginjer tipes has to stik toogetha.
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