Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Darwins' eva-lotion Vs intelegent desine

As you no i has thort bout darwi'ns' oranges of the speecise and why i is just a brill bit of eva-lotion for domestic top cat but now i is not so shure. i is such a brillant bit of desine as a top cat wots color werks brill wiv der cork tile flaws, gardin my hoomans and territtorree, and just so all brillant and intelleegent dat i is an amasinly inteligent bit of desine. luk how i fit in dis chare!! i is pritty perfeck. many uvver peepole beleeve in intelleegent desine, for egg-sample - President George Basil Brush, Tony Blurr lieks skools wot teech it, and, well just look at me, obvioius innit? P.S. runty is an egg-sample of unintelegent desine (tee hee).

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