Saturday, September 30, 2006


How duz we sleap?

I is offen arsked how duz we sleap at night'e? Well, of cause, this is really quite privit and persoanl but as I is also bein told i has too bee nice and shair my blog i has included der fotos wot yoo sea.

We sleap in wot is corled der playroom cos it woz der playrume when danl and zoe was small and young. and even dough dey is now young adults wot has had to leave cos dey wonted to be abuv me in der peckin order and i woul'd'nt' let dem, its' still corled der playroom. its' got der telly and der sound sistem and fings liek dat. its' ok and cumfy reely although der hi chair wot gwen liekd to sit on has gon at der moment so she is on rugs on annuvver chare. we has a cat flap and water but yoo has to make shure dat yoo eats yore over nighter bee four dey shut der door. i do'not sea why dey shuts der dor, it means i cant' cheque on der hoomans in der night and pay dem a frendly visit and purr and sniff dem and clime on dem wiv my dainty littel paws.

so hear is anuvver foto of gwen just to show wot a reely nice, grow up, mateur cat i is. and do'nt start all dat stuff again bout how bootiful she is and petit ect ect ect!!!!!!! ugh!!!! ok????!?!?!?!?!? well she sleep's on her one and i lets' her sleap in der room. yoo probly fink dis foto is rarver dark, well dats cos gwen says she is a ver privet cat and shye and doant' wont herself to be made two public. and bein a nice cat dat is wot i has dun.

runty n me offen shair a settee and sumtiems we sleaps on different settees. of cause, runty wood much rarvver bee upstares and sleep wiv her dad or sum body and give dem nice sniff in der nite and a good need wiv her clause, and need to pop down for a snack and a drink from a tap and den to pop out around 4 for a pea and fings. but dats tuff, and sum nites, like last nite she come into der playroom ver erly, sat on her dads' lap for an our, when he mooved she sat down nex to me and dats how we slepped.

and runty is ackshirley goin out froo der cat flap at night!!!!! amazin after not dooin it for yeres!!!! she aint' cummin in froo it, natch, only usin der whole in der you-tili-tea room windo.

personly i liek my bedroom. wot i duz not liek is wen durin der evnin der hoomans is in wotchin telly and stuff and i is nicely settled and dey say i has to shair my settee wot is my bed!!! dat is a bluddy cheak and i tell dem dat!!! hoos' bedroom is it eh!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (cos i still lieks it, tee hee).

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