Sunday, September 03, 2006


How many appostroffees can one werd hav?

Now as yoo no I is just a bit of an egg spurt on gramar and spelin and I has bin arsked bout how
many appostoffees you can have in won werd. Well as yoo can see from the notis found below yoo can have two if you wont. I know dis notis woz in whales were dey have trubble wiv der english but its' intrestin. So, sum times now I mite put too appostroffees in wun werd like do'n't or even three!!! as in do'n't'. now my dad wots a bit of a pendant on dis says a word can have too postroffees cos if yoo miss letters out and it owns suffink (don understand dis) so for egg sample: cello can have too postroffees cos it shud have one at der start for der letters wot is missin and den it can have won later - der 'cello's case!! Sea? or der 'bus's passengers cos der full werds is violoncello and omnibus (stoopid werd). But books can be omnibus additions and dey don't' has passengers so wots he on bout? But he wonts it on my blog cos he ai'n't' got wun.

Why is all dis stuff underlined?? puters is strainge.

Any way my dad thort i ort to eggs plain. But as we all no you can put postroffees where ever yoo liek wen ever yoo liek cos dats wot peeple do orl der tiem!

Still, it makes yoo oneder wy dey still had dis notis up in September?? Maybee der welsh you's a diff'er'ent' calendar from wot we duz, sum fink to do wiv time zones.

Later, edit'ion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: i has werked out Y dey yoos too apostrotoffees in der werds in Nelson. Cos nelson was an ver ver brave admirable wot dun fitin four his cuntry, and he lost an eye at sea (wot is ver ver careless if yoo do'nt mind me sayin) and cos he cudn't see well, dey started too put 2 apostrotoffees in eech wer dder!!!! Yoo sea (uliek nelson), and dis is complicated, ok? we has too ey'es', yes? so each I neads to sea an postrofftoff'ee four der brain to understand, so cos nelson only had won ey his brane cud not understand it so to help him dey put's to postrofftoffees in der werds in his town, so i'ts der same as for der rest of us. I hop dat is clearer now. fank yoo.
Bye der whey, dis nelson wos reely careless; He also lost an arm wot is even more carless dan loosin an eye cos i'ts bigger, and lieked to say - kiss me hardly. silly man. he writes a column in der trafalgar skware' - wot is not the gardian so i dusnt' no it.

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