Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Lookin after yore mummie

Now, hoomans need lookin after and carin four. Hear yoo can sea me lukin after my mummie. Of cause, you can always have a barf when on yore mummy or a scratch, yu do'nt just have too sleap or be on guardin dooty. But der point is, sea, that der hoomans can feel insecure or lonely and need to be cumfourted and looked after.

Ackshirley dey is also extreeml'y yoosfull in winter when i has damp and muddy pours i can orlways dry dem on der laps, or if i is reely wet and has been ver ver brave in der wet den i can get rid of all der wet on dere laps, speshly my tummy. dey alway's notis dis and say nice fings liek my name and den uvver luvvin fin'gs like; biggles!!!!!!! bugger off!! not on dese trowsers or skirt!!! i woz goin too ware dees twomorro!!! dese is pale!!!! and my top two!!! and my shirt!!! yess, i dus beleave it is importink four der hoomans to no wen yoo is der. den after i has got rid of der werst of der mud and wet i goes to eat. but dey needs to no how braive i has bin and da'ts wy i sits on dem ferst. and i do giv dem a luverly purr and maybee a wet kiss! i sumtiems fink dey is a bit upset or sumfink but i is tryin too ke'ep der flaw cleen for gudness saiks!

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