Monday, September 04, 2006


lookin after zoes' bed; runty and soot cases

dis is a niece picksher of me n runty keepin zo cumpany on her bed. i is lukin after her dressin gown for her and guardian her hand bag wot is very imjportant speshally as zoe had her bag stolen wiv all der important fings in it from a plaice wot woz supposed to be safe. yoo sea dis is wot happens when yoo take val you bulls outside of my territtorree and i is not ther to gard it.

runty sleep on der bed cos she neeeeeeeds zo cos she is her mummy. i do it to luk after dem.

Now yoo arsk wot bout der uvver foto??? well, runty, no wen peeples is goin away and she do'nt reely liek it. she climes on der soot case. she yoost to clime in dem but she is orlways molting so dey say bugger off runt, luk! now i got yor bleedin fer all over all der close i is taikin a way with me!!! well der runt ai'nt stoopid and she has lerned dat it is much safer to sit on der lid cos den der fer is on der ouitside wot make der case much easier to spot at der plain port or air port (stoopid name, yoo go der to take a plain not der air wot is evry were). and also it stop dem from packin sumtime. dis is orl fine until runt needs to get a drink from her tap etc etc etc. still not a bad picksher even if i';s not in it.

acksherly der best fing is quiet simply dat der hoomands dus not go away at all but just stay at home and feed us ect ect. gardin is ver ver tyrin and sumtiems my i's do shut for a ver few moments.

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