Monday, September 04, 2006


My hoomans done keep goin away!!

My hoomans done keep goin away but den dey cum bakc.

Luk, lets' be clear bout dis, ok? I does'nt get lonely or nuffink ok? Oh no cos I is a top cat; its' just der extra responsibilitees when dey go away, more gardin and patrolin and all dat.

Der woz der dutch peeples first time and dat was ok reely. Der next tiem I was all alone left in charge of der feemails and everyfink and Mimi come in to feed us and fings. Mimi is ver niece and she do stroke me and fings but she do'nt' stay long enuff so I was not ver happy. And runty dun get miserble and den she pee and we is lockt out of the kitchen and hour boles is mooved cos runty piss on der bred bin and der cooker hob and fings liek dat wot is not good at all and upset der hoomans enormousely!! And dis is not good and den we cant' get to hour bedrooms and fings wot realy piss runty off. Gwen go even quieter and sulky. But den Zoe cum back and dat woz not so bad and I cud visit her bedroom and fings - not cos i was missin hoomans oh no, it is to make shure dat she is alrite and not lonely or fry-tend and fings. And den der boles go back and all dat so its' betta.

Den my parents is hoam for too days and dey go too sea my bruvver Danl. Danel has mooved from Dorset Hilton (not Paris Hilton) to Dartmuff Road. I no dat Dartmouth Road is just on der corner, I can sea it from der front guardin. But yoo no, der is a nuvver dartmuth rode and its' near dartmuff and dats were he livs now. So dey go awey again and leave me wiv zo who is below me in der peckin order dont' forget wot is wy she went to colleage cos she was upset dat i was abuv her and that.

Now dey is home I is sittin on dem a lot speshally dad cos he needs to be maid to feel welcom and at home, I can take it or leve it and anyway he annoys me cos he cant' sit still for more than twenty minits wen i is tryin to have a kip on his lap and use his hand as a pillo. and dat maiks me cross and i swish my tale and den i jump down. he dont' appreeshiate me enuff. enny way dey is home now and not goin away.

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