Saturday, October 21, 2006


caughtem in de autem

Now a few werds of advice; der are 4 seasonings in der yeer. Y, yoo may arsk, are der 4 seasonings and little bits in between in a year; springs, summer, oughtem and winter. Well, de arnser is I do'nt know. Pretty pointless reely and runty haites der winter, i is just two butch and tuff to be wurrid by such fings and i has ver thick ferr so i is alwrite and I has my deeootee to gard my territtorree.

Well, me n runtee is catchin der oughtem sun. and i is beein ver very nice and sharin my table wiv runty, ok???? it is corled oughtem cos yoo ought erm to make der best of it beefour der winter cums. winter is not reely ver nice cos it is cold and i has to petrole in der darke and wet alot wot i do'nt mind cos i has cats eyes and i is tuff. in der hous we has central heetin but it is not central, in der middel ownlee cos it is eatin evryware in der house and makin it luvly and worm. yoo cant orlways tel wot seasoning it is cos dey creep up and change wivout a bong of der clock.

in fackt der clocks change and go foreward and backward - not der clocks dem selves silly, day stay ware dey is but my dad has to work around der hous and der cars and der wotchis changin orl der clocks wot affects my brekfast time wivout askin me. now dat is silly. i mean how can yoo change time? do der werld jump a bit or do der sun take a leap forward or backward or wot ever 2 times each yeer? dont' make no sense to me. but den i dont' reely understand der sun - oh, day say in der summer, dont' catch too much of der sun. or. youv'e cort der sun!! i has tried to catch der sun but i cant' reach so i gose to sleap.

so if der wevver is niece outside now go out der and enjoy it. i does, runty dont' two much cos she preefurrs to sleep inside. time too leep owt affletickly. ta ta.

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