Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Fotos of Gwen - YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, orl rite hear are sum fotos of Gwen so yoo can sea that she is fine and orl right. YUK! YUK! YUK! i fink she is ded ugly and is a midgit!

Ack-shirley, I cort her the uther day, tee hee. She was in der playroom on gard duty and i cum up behind her and growl at her to bugger off!!! and she bluddy ignored me!!! cheek!!!!!!!!! so I jumped on her back wiv clores out and wood have bluddy bashed her up but my dad seen it and he stopped me and chased me out of der cat flap. not that i care at orl not at orl cos i got her and my dad carn'nt fit froo der cat flap. grrrrrrrrrr!! bluddy good fun tho, tee hee!!!!!!!!!

runty tends to be cleverer like when whe woz out this mornin sniffin a bit of holly and i thort now thats' just der bit of guardin i wont to sit on, so i crept up behind her, tee hee to jump on her but she herd me and jumped off across der guardin. still i got a ver nice bit to sit on cos i is top cat and i can sit on any bit of guardin wot i like.

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