Thursday, October 26, 2006


Gardin the gardin fernitcher

Now these to pickshers tell diffrent stories. In der picksher on der left my hoomans has put out a chare four me with a cushon and I is just havin a ver short eye-close while lookin after all der gardin fings.

Four sum strange reason der hoomans has decided to pack orl der fernitsher away in der big shed (wot yoo has scene on an old blog with me on der roof). So, cos der is quite a lot to put away I is gardin dese chairs while der hoomans get der loungers and fings, after orl sumbody cood clime over der fence and steel dem if i woz'nt der to keep an eye or too and scare dem off in case.

Wot is bad is dat dey has also put away my green table wot i sits on outside der kitchin door and sits under sumtimes wen its' rainin and i is on gard duty. And dey do dis wivout arskin me!! Hey, Bodge, is it ok wiv yoo if we put away yore fernitcher and table and fings? Cos der arnser, ack-shirley, is - well, just hang on and leave me a chaire and der table, ok? I mean, hoo yooses der guardin most, dem or me?? Onestly, a cats' life is not orlways easy. But I is ver ver tolerant.

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