Sunday, October 01, 2006


HOO let dat cat on MY blog????????????????!!!!!!!

hoo let runty hav a go on my blog, ay??????? bluddy cheak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh, soh sh'es not barmy then eh? so hoo els works around four half der day wiv water on der brain cos she gets drinks from der wosh basin upstares and sticks her ned under der tap and gets wet rite in der middle of her hed wer shes' supposed to have a brane!!!! and hoo vommed rite into her food bowl and dun a pee pee behind der front daw???? not me i can tell you dat. and hoo is compleeetly bonkers bout her tale?? me?? no sur!!!!!!!!!!

and how menny bleedin pickshers do she nead of herself???????? forty fousand million???????

and I is NOT fatt, ok!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????!?!?!?!?!?!?!? i has alot of polly un saturets in my body and dey is essenshull wen i is out on petrole.

and runtys' spelin makes me larff, ha ha ha. she doant' spel der wey fings sound, its' just ridicluss sum of her spelin. ver sorry bout dat. if yoo do'nt spell der way fings sound hou yoo goin to get it write? ho, hum.

luk, diss is my blog and i duz not wont to find uvver cats in der famly reye-tin hear behind my back when i is owt der gardin der territtorree just liek i shood. cos i tel yoo it can get ver nasty - der woz won up der rode only der uvver day; der long hared jinjer woz bout too have a fite wiv a black tom from furver up der rode. now dat is reely pushin der gingers' territtorree and i fink der woz goin too bee a nasty bit of a fight but i di'dnt' hang around to find out.

if runty wonts a blog of her own too put down her forts she can set won up. ders' sharin and ders' sharin and she shood have arsked. hrrrrumph!

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