Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Hospital toilets has SEX!!!!!!

Take a luk at diss. Yes I is not kiddin!!! Dese toilets has sex.

Now, as yoo no I simplee dusnt' under'stand wy hoomans do'nt just go in der guardin, find a nice quiet bit of erff, a bit privet, scrach a way a bit, sit down, doo der bisniss, cuvver it up and dats' it. Lick yore bottom if yoo nead two - which yoo ca'nt, huh, cos yoo is interior to us cats - and get on wiv it. Its' all ver environmental two.

But know, yoo has dese speshul places wot yoos lot's of worter. Well, anyway, I did not giv it anuvver fort except that der lids is closed at home to stop runty from drinkin from their; yoo ever see her baldy arse stickin out a toilet? not ver nice, more like a pencil sharpener wiv a bit ov furr.

Well, look at dese fotos from Barnet Hostable. Yes der toilets has sex. I fort a toilet was just a toilet, a fing, a sort of masheen but I woz rong. In the hospitable dey has sex, maybe have baby's too if dey put a male and femail toilet togevver, probly wy dey is seprate. too controle der baby toilet pop-you-lay-shon (hard werd dat to spel).

Wot it do'nt tell yoo is wot won too yoos. So der is der male toilets wot has willys' i suppose.

Der female toilets also allow yoo to change yor baby for a noo one and I thort babys' came from Mr Mayhews' Home RSPCA - well, yoo lern sumfing evry day. But der toilet for changin babies is unisex - wot means one sex - but it do'nt say wevver its' a toilet for boys' or girl's baby's (I is ver ver good wiv der propostroffee, do'nt yoo fink?), or if yoo put der baby in wiv one sex and it cum out wiv der same sex, or wot? I fink its' a shame dey di'dnt make it for both boy and girl babys' bi-sex - dats corled sexual recrimination!!!! and is ver ver bad. Its' like der places dat say unisex haircut but dont' say wevver its for men or wimmin, cos if it woz four boaff it wood have too say bisex. Write??? Rite!!!!

Now look at der turd picksher. Disabled toilet. Diss is der most stoopid of all!!!! If its' disabled do'nt put a bluddy sine on it, fix it!!!!! Mend it!!!!! Repare it!!!!! Den it wont' be disabled no mor. Know wunder dese hostables is owing so much munny and maiks mistaiks - dey is maikin stoopid sines insted of gettin on wiv der job!!!!!!!!! It maiks me cross!!!

Its' a bit like but diffrent from orl der sines wot says Disabled Parking. Well, if yoos' ever scene der whey loads of peeple park yood fink deyd has more spaces for der rubbish parkers. Dey maik der spaices bigger cos dey is soooo bad at parkin. Or dey cood giv dem parkin lessons so dey gets better and den yoo wont knead der disabled parkin spaces at all and yoo could hav parkin spaces for disabled peeple instead - brill idea!!!!!!!!!

Enny way, off on petrole now.

I is sorry but sumtimes I fink hoomans is so stoopid. I just reed it der whey it is.
!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (Huge won cos I is in der mood).

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