Sunday, October 08, 2006


muslim wine!!!

Now wot is diss you arsk?? well, diss is moslem wine. yoo sea, der muslems say dat it is der write to cuvver up der bottels and not show der labels and ackshull wien.

mr jack straw has said dat he wood like to be able to sea der lable beefour he drinks it as dat is wot we duz in dis cuntry as it helps drinkin and beein frendly. but der moslems say no no no, dey shood not have to show der label and he shood not even arsk it and shame shame shame.

well, i must say dat i liek to sea my fud wen i eats it and i like to be abel to luk into der boles when i drinks from dem. mind yoo, cuvrin der wine doo make it nice and cosy and keep it nice and worm.

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