Saturday, October 21, 2006


A propostrophee hospital

Now, you may have to click on this to make it more bigglier but its' quite fun!!! Dis cums from Barnet Hospital wot is such a good hostable that it has recently assessed as "weak" both clinically and managerially. So, we can expect good English for der patients.

Now diss notis is wot is givven to payshents wot has got a pacemaker to yoos for der ferst time, honest. Well, pacemakers is ded good, Paula Ratcliffe used a pacemaker wen she ran der fastest maraffon ever, wot is a long long way. And my dad says dat in der 60's (60's wot??? i arsk) Gerry had 3 pacemakers, How do you do it? You'll never walk alone. Fairy cross der Mersey [wots' a cross fairy?]. Well, yoo have a nice close look at dis luverly offishall notis and read the english and der way day use der propostroffee der capital letters and just der genral sense. At least i usully remember to use a capital letter at der beginning of a sentence and not for ordinary fing words like library. Makes me look brillant and shows der hospitable is a load of shit!!!!

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