Wednesday, November 15, 2006


How is my eyes?

Now yoo has probly bin havin sleapless nites cos yoo has bin wundering all der time how my eysey-pyesis is since goin to Mr Uncle Josh. Well, as yoo can sea dey is much much better thank yoo. My hoomans is still putting nasty droppy stuff in my eyes in der mornin and in der nite wot i duz not like at orl!!! Interupts my sleapin or eating and its' bluddy cheek!!! But ack-shirley dey is much better and dey is not saw any maw. I is also keepin dem clean myself as yoo can sea in der uvver picksher, wot is also most important.

I get oinkment in boaff eyes but runty only gets it in won eye or I cos she is less important. But too be honest her eye do'nt look as good as mine duz cos she is a runt. Mind yoo, Mr Josh did say sumfink bout der in-feck-shun be a vile-russ as well as back-tee-ree-all (difficult werds), wot wood be tippical of runty if it woz. Her eye is not as grot as it woz so we will sea.

It is ver ver kind of yoo to have bin finkin bout me and orl I can say is carry on!!

I has all-so bin arsked weather i is still goin under der bed wen it gets dark. well, so wot if i am?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? its' a cats' rite to choose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i is not scared dare will be more bangs, no no no, i just fink its' a nice plaice to sleep in der eevning. and thats' orl, ok!!!!!!!! i is still doin my petroles and orl so..........

enny way i is fine. i will be glad wen the oinkment stops but it duzz'nt hert.

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