Friday, November 03, 2006


Nersing!! A noo Job!!!!

Danl has cum too stay with Rosie and she is ver ver pawly, so dey has appointed me as deputy assistant nersing assistant, wot is a ver ver important job! Wot i is doin as nersin is keepin a close aye on the payshent and maikin shure that she is not two pawly. It is a ver ver long job and so sumtimes it is important to close der ayes four a few moments but not go to sleep. Dis job is an extra job!! Oh yes, I is still gardin der property and all and trying to nip out the front (tee hee). Sum peeple say; oh look at that cat just lying der gettin orl cumfy and worm on der blanket. Bluddy cheak!!! is wot i say. i is doin hard werk, carming der pawly person and makin shoor dey is ok. But it is a nice job two.

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