Wednesday, November 08, 2006


oh der bangs woz terrible

der bangs for Guy Forks woz just so terrible I was hidin in orl sorts of plaices and runty woz hidin between the bookcase and daniels' door in a littel space and she dun too peas on der flaw. i tried der frunt of der house up stares and down stares but dey woz every ware.

but der woz bangs der night beefour and even after. on der day after my dad woz sittin at his desk and i fort it wood be safe if I settled on his bag but der woz still bangs, not as menny but still bangs. orfull. dey shudnt' do it. it is really upsetting. no jokes. its' over now i hope. stoopid. horrid.

(dont' tell ennyboddy but i has bin sleepin under my mummy and daddys' bed. its ver big and i can fit in between der too draws underneef to feel a bit safer. i is still doin it just in case der bangs cum back).

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