Friday, November 10, 2006


recuvrin from der bangs and a noo secrit cubbord

Der bangs woz so horrid dat i has needed to do a lot of sleepin to catch up so I has not bin near der puter. dis is me sleapin by my mummys' pillose. i is still sleapin under der bed two.

But, hey, I must tell you I went into a cubbord I is not normally aloud in, reely exiting (or is it - egg-sighting?, sea i doo try to get my speling rite). Well, dis cubboard is under der proper stairs of der hous. Its a funny cubbord wiv lots and lots of bottles all lying on there sides, ver intersting, i has marked orl der cardbord and fings. I dont' no wot dey is four but der hoomans go to der cubbord quite offen. Usually dey sumthink like - fancy a glass of red with this? or - white would go well with this, and off dey trot too der cubbord and pull out a bottle, dunno wy. and now dey even tork bout dan'ls girlfrend rosie - you know, dey say, a good quolity rosie goes down ver nicely. well, i dont' think dis woz two seecrit but just a bit.

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