Thursday, January 04, 2007


Boxin Day

Wot eggsacktly is the reason for der givin of presence, yoo arsk? and wot is boxin day? well, as top cat it is my rite to sit on orl rapping payper and clime in orl boxes. it has nuffink too doo wiv fightin real fites.

Dont' be frytend by these pickshers cos I is only playin and showin my pritty frytenin huntin instints. I do diss to impress der family and also Allstairs and Rosies wot woz orlso stayin with us.

Rappin paper is orlso v nice as it is crinkly, yoo can get inside it and it can be worm. boxis is good cos yoo can clime inside and surprise peeple and attack fings.
Yes, dats why we has boxin day. orl sew dese are pritty good pickshers of me so i fort dey shood go on der blog.

[cos it is der seeson of good chear i is sayin nuffink bout der runt gettin on my blog again!!!!!! wingin cos her mums' gon again. look, sh'es gon cos she dont' like being lower in der peckin order dan me and its' as simple as that - but i is sayin nuffink but she had better bluddy wotch it cos dis is MY bolg!}

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