Sunday, January 21, 2007


Egg-Sir-Sighs New-trishon and Wrest

Now, as yoo no I is currently on a daily egg-ser-size raygeem playin with corky the cork every evening, and ver ver good it is two. But egg-sir-sighs shood not bea scene on it's own. No no. Its' ver very important to consider new-trishon. New-trishon is when yoo eet new food and it is ver important too keep up yore strength wen dooing lots of egg-sir-size like wot i is.

Now der uvver ver ver important fing is dat yoo get enuff sleep. My noo egg-sir-sighs raygeem is in addishon to my uther dooties as top cat; patrolin and gardin and checkin on der house and orl wen der hoomans is out and welcomin dem home when dey comin. So hi quality sleap is also ver ver important and i have too say dat i is an eggspurt on hi quality sleep. As yoo can see from der fotos der is sum important rules or gidance dat i can giv yoo on hi quolity sleep.

A nice cumfy place. Hear i is on nice cumfy doovay wiv a few little folds in it to help rest my hed. der plaice yoo sleep in shood orlso be nice and quiet and peecefull. cos i has sensitive eye's i find dat der brite lite is not nice for dem so i put a poor over dem too keep der lite off or i snuggle round a bit too keep der lite not so much on my eyes and i sleeps wiv my hed away from der windo. i like sleepin lots but sumtimes i is woken cos my tummy sez - ooh, bit empty hear a bit of food wood be nice, so i pops to my faverit boles and has a nice bite to eat.

so remember - good sleep helps wiv good newtrishon and good egg-sir-size all toogether and den yoo two can bee a fine spesiman or specicat like wot i is.

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