Tuesday, January 16, 2007



Wot is diss blurry farst moovin huntin beast??? No no dont' bee frytend i'ts only me - pritty scary, huh? Again!!! In der winter and orl der tork bout keepin fit and stuff. Well, i is dooin it, sea? Its ver ver important to practis der huntin and fightin skills and orlso to keap egg-sir-sizin and dats wot i is doin. It is orlsew ver ver good trainin for my hoomans cos it makes dem keep movin quick and alert or els dey get my powerfull clores in dem!! - dey help me wiv der corck sum of der time buy moovin it about hear and their.

wot is a cork? cork is a bouncy woody wood and it was in a bottle of shampane wot is a fizzy drink wot dey woz drunked at kriss-mass - wots' rong wiv a bole of water i do'nt no. der corky corck is tide on wiv a bit of present rappin ribbon and maiks a good toy for der hoomans wot i is helpin egg-sir-sighs. sea!! we boath get egg-sir-size wiv diss!! Clever int i?

I is not sayin dat i is runnin round all der time wiv diss altho i doo leap in der air a bit. no, its' more easier just to lie down and play reely on der cumfy carpet, but it is more fun wen der is a table leg or sumfink in der whey and i has to play around dat two. der fing is tho i is so ver ver good at catchin corky der cork dat der hoomans reely need to make it more difficult four me. it is quiet fun but i suppose i preefurr catchin butterflys in der summer under my bugglier tree.

still, yoo sea, i is a seeriuss top cat and huntin fightin masheen wot gards his territtorree proper in orl whethers. fear not biggles is hear!!!! A lean mean fightin mashean!!!

(PS sorry if der fotos frytend yoo at first)

PSS Danl and Roses has got a teeny black cat corled archie, hes' a top cat of won, hah and a bit of a scaredy cat two!! dey corl him "kitten", pah. well, der joke is dat dey tyed a corky cork on too string four him and he was frightened of the cork!!!! but was okay with string. well, if that is'nt a scaredy cat paffetick wotsit i dont' no wot is!

Salutations. My name is Archie Pusskin, and I am the aforementioned "Kitten" who would rather play with a piece of string without a cork attached to it. I see no problem with this, and as my mummy would say: "whatever floats your boat". Regards, from a top-cat who CAN spell!!
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