Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Wott is diss????????

Wot is diss yoo may well arsk???? well, dis is corled a skratch-in post cos yoo is supposed to skratch in it innit? no ceriously, gwen doo scratch der fernitcher in der play room ver very bad - (der playroom is our bedroom but wen der childern woz yung dey played in it and it has der telly and fings and it is still corled der play room wen it shood be corled der kats's's bedroom). well, gwen scratch der fernitcher alot in their and so der parents got a skratch-in post. now, i of cause, beein a top cat wot petroles outside in der territtorree i duz moast of my skratchin outside (and only a bit inside tee hee) and runty try too skratch der flaw tiles (stoopid) and slides. but gwen go at der fernitcher like crazey and it dont' doo it know good.

so, der hoomans went and bort dis poste too go wear she skratches wersted of orl and its' ver ver good, cos orl tho she try to skratch around it a bit she mostly leaves it a loan and skraches in uvver plaices insted.

cos, yoo sea, der won fing yoo must NOT do is ackshirley skrach on dis post it is desined too stop yoo skratchin, yoo can skrach enny wear else but not der, so we orl leave it alone and skratch in uvver places. sum times dem hoomans is not so stoopid arfter orl!!

oh, der read fing at der frunt is a dangly borl wot rattles and yoo must not play wiv it but leve it aloan (not dat ennybody wonts to play wiv it ennyway).

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