Thursday, February 01, 2007


good spellin docter!!

My dad arsked if I wood minde if he put this up on my blog cos of the very very special spellin in it. As yoo no, hooman vets is corled docters and they is supposed to be klever like danl and had a ed-you-kay-shun and know how to spell and stuff. and even when they is not doin the righting the peeple wot werk for them is supposed not too bee to stoopid and ignorant and can orlways have fings checked. Well, my dad sore this notis bout kwestchunairs (on der left) at his own hooman vets in Willsdon and it was still their a weak later. He says that even children in primery skool shood not make this sort of mistake.

Erm.....i has looked at this notis and if enny body can tell me wots' rong i wood bee very grateful, look's okay two me. Do'nt tell my dad i has'snt spoted the my-steak. I dont' understand why so menny werds has capital letter's, like Questionnaire, but i fink ders' sum think else.

Der uvver wun orlso cums from Willsdon but cums from the fancy pancy noo hospital place there. Sum times they wont yoo to giv blud (urgh!!) my dad sez its' der seckond paragrarf wots got der luverly inglish innit innit. he sez sorry der picksher is a bit blerd.

he sez dat notissis like diss give him lots of confidense in der nashonal elf servis that they get things rite.

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