Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Hoo is Anna Rexia?

I woz wotchin der telly der uvver eevnin and it woz about sum gerls corled Anna Rexia (wrecksia?). Well, ackshirley der woz moor than won girl corled Anna Rexia wot woz a bit confewsing. Enny weigh, these gerls do'nt like there food and do'not eet and hav no energee to play or nuffink!!! Look dis is ver ver seeriuss. but i'ts ver simple. Look at these nice piccies. On the left is me eetin runt'ys food and on der rite i is eetin my food. Sea, food is luvly. Der tinkle of food going into der bole is just about the luvliest sound in the werld. Ooh, I luv it cos then theirs moor food in der boles. I yoosed to eet ownly my food but now i has found that I like runt'ys food two! Eatin is soooooooo easie!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (hav'nt dun won of those for along time).

So, my advice is this. Eet Hills Science and yoo will be fine. Go to der hooman vet's and get a nice big bag. Yoo wo'nt need too doo enny uther shopping or cooking. and its the perfeckt food. just sits in a sack and yoo can take a cup and put it in yore bole. you will be as happy on hills' science as i am (tho i like the taste of eucanyoobah oxcillate you rinry special diet two. If yoo do dis you will have luvly shiny hare and will wont to play with a corky or sumthink similar or go on petrole (if yoo is a boy).

Hi Biggles. I watched that programme too with my Staff who ate lots of chocolate while she was watching it. I am not a big fan of Hills myself- have just moved onto soft food which is much nicer!
Can't believe that you think i am puny though - how much do you weigh? I am 5.25kg of big, masculine cat! My brother Dennis is quickly catching up with me though- he is 8 months old and 4.75kg. You look pretty big from your pictures though.
I admire the way that you don't find going to the toilet an issue - I have always chosen to make a big deal out of it! I don't like going outside cos it is too cold.
My Staff comes from where you live-north west london. But we live in a place called West Yorkshire with her. I am originally from a place called Bradford but Molly my sister comes from Tingley and Dennis comes from Beeston. My Staff talks differently from how most people in this West Yorkshire place talk.
What do you mean about hints on spelling? thought i spelt ok?
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