Wednesday, February 07, 2007


i was blogged by anuvver cat!!!!

Ferst of orl do not be frytend by these pickshers!! No no it is not a lyon from one of mr attenbergers' progrom's, it is me still honin my huntin and fytin and killin instints wiv corky der cork. and I tell yoo it is alot of egg-sir-size for a cat of my size. yoo sea it is moast important to keep these skills werkin in der winter mumffs wen it is a bit nicer to sleap on a cumfy bed than out in der guardin, not dat i is not dooin my petroles, no no, they is just a bit shorter at the moment.

well, i got a serprise, i can tell yoo, i got a message from anuvver cat wot has startid bloggin. his name is oscar and you kan finde his blog at
his spellin is a bit strainj cos he dont' spell der whey it sounds, properlee like wot i doo, and, too be onnest, he looks a bit smorl and puney to me. but i is ver ver pleesed to have annuver cat bloggin cos it helps hoomans to understand wot life is about. he seems to have some toilet problems - never understood this, yoo just go owt, do it, stay owt if yoo wont or cum back in. i has ver good fur so wo'ts the big deel?

well cum Oskar to der werld of bloggin! i hope too here from yoo agen.

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