Thursday, February 01, 2007


Noo yere revolution

I has bin told that I has too hav a noo years' revolution and be nice to boaf der feemails.

ok ok.

Hears' a nice picksher of me n runty in a barf. Why is we in der barf. Well, as yoo no runty drincks from barfs and sincks cos shes' bonkers. she likes the down stares barf roo barf and drinks lots. i is cleverer than her and can drink strait from der tap and not from the bottom of the barf if I wont. Well, i has fancied a drink evry now and then and we woz bofe in der barf havin finisht hour drinks. we maid der barf a bit muddy but we has such nice pours dat its' nice to leave a few prints. ps. runty is as bonkers as ever - i fink its' der water on der brain wot she get from drinkin from the tap in der sinck in der barf room upstares.

i dusnt' wont to tork bout der uvver foto cos its' dat grotty littel cat gwen wot i cant' stand!!!! i is not goin intoo this maw but i is just sayin that wen she gets in my way she noes wot happens!! OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nuff sed.

and dont' say - ooh, ai'nt shee pritty ect ect

who or what is Gwen? Why can't you stand her? doesn't she like nice big fat cuddly butch gingers like you?
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