Thursday, February 08, 2007


Their has bin lot's of sno!!!!!!

Do not be fritend of dese pickshers (how cum my righting is underlined????) it is not a Sigh-beerian Tyger, its' only me but its' hard too tell the diffrence. Well, it has been snoing lots and lots. Of cause, the uthers do'nt wont to go out at orl cos they is wimps!!!! But even if I do'nt like it I still gose out on petrole, cheque the territtorree, make shure the daffies is still their and stuff liek that. Oh, ho, yes, I is not bovered. But look at der picksher of my butch outside water bole, its' gone orl hard, frozen on top!!!! I dont' no hoo put der hard stuff on der top but it makes yoo think, do'nt it.

Well, even in the sno (oh, der underlining has stopped????????) my dad had to take runty to uncle josh cos their was mor blud from her bum and stuff. So, he took her and its' der ujool, sisteritis, gave her her jabs wot she do'nt like and she cum home. she dont' like goin too josh, hoos a ver ver nice man, cos sh'es scaird bout it herting. She cum back run round and stuff and go even more crazy and look miserable, then she sit on dads' lap, nuzzle his fleece and need him while he work at der puter and then she has a huge drink and gose to sleep on his chare. nuffink new their then.

josh says to dad that we shud hav a poo tray INSIDE in the nasty whether, speshally for runty. dad do'nt like this idea and we dont' normally get it in the winter. pah, i say, only wimps knead a tray inside, sum of us still go out to yoos der grate toilet under the skie (tho not ver much). so now we got an inside shit tray with shit grit innit, i shall hav to think bout this.

But ennyweigh i thort you wood be impresst to sea that nuthink stops me from going out, hah!!!

Hi Biggles. My sister Molly had the same wee problem as your sister - lots of blood coming from where she wees. Lots of trips to the vet in the nasty yellow car too. Our vet was Pedro but he has moved to a place called Spain which I think is too far to walk to and now Pedro is called Natasha which is very confusing.
The vet told my Staff not to have shit trays inside cos of Molly's wee problems. Also told her not to give us dried food for a while-if your Dad gives your sister a bit of wet food with moisture in it might help the sisterstitus.
Staff has to make an insurance claim. Molly is nil pounds too cos she is priceless and she came from the RSPCA. I didn't but I am nil pounds on my insurance as is my brother Dennis. We are all priceless like you
Hello Biggles, my name is Paddy. I am Oscar’s best friend. It has been snowing lots up here too in the North. My little sister Pixie has never seen snow before and she loves it. She is always outside trying to run and catch the snowflakes.

I like your site but find it a little difficult to understand your spelling. I amm sure I will get used to it though!

Hi Biggles, my name is Shadow and I live in a place called Canada. I'm like paddy and find it hard to understand you but my mom says it's because your English, like my dad( whatever that means).

We have our litte trays inside because we don't ever go out! Especially in the winter. When the family comes in from outside, my brother Leo and I hide from them until they warm up. How can it get so cold outside when it's nice inside. That confuses me.

Any way, I wanted to say hi and to tell you that I enjoy your blog

Shadow, Leo(the grouch) and Twinkle( the chicken dog)
I played with the snow on Friday. It was good fun. It didn't make screeching noises like some of the stuff that I catch.
Apparently when blogger switched to google a lot of the formatting went awry. If you want your writing - sorry - ritin - to be "normal" again you can "edit" and republish the post now. It's very confusing. But then I am only a kitten and I dont know very much. Paddy knows much more than I do. He's my cousin and we shared a shit tray.
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