Thursday, March 01, 2007


dubble foaldead over doovay!!!! hallo to my frends!!!

Dubble foalded over doovay!!! ooh its' luverly. I no that runty do normally grab der foalded over doovay but i got hear ferst der uther day, yippee!!! I can tell yoo that runty wer'nt very pleesed wen she sore me on their she sat at the side of the bed and bit her tale for a bit. the piccy up der top shose her fiting her tail. she mad. dubble foaldid oaver doovay is speshally nice cos its' foalded over too times, so i'ts too times as worm, and to times as cumfy and two times as soft. we has to get into hour bedroom farst cos my mum likes to shut the daw until the bed is maid, meeny so beeing a very quick and clever cat i spotted der woz oapen and got in and settled down bluddy quik. thats' wen runty did cum in and got orl cross. but wunce i woz sleaping she sneaked on and i let her stay cos we sleap well toogether.

and bileeve me i is neadin my sleap wot wiv orl der ackshon play i get wiv corky der cork, keepin my huntin skills up too scrach.


theres' oscar wot had a telly vizhon pogrom naimed after him - (huh, well i has lodes of books naimed after me wot in dem i is a braive fiter pilot protectin my territtorree!!! but i isnt jellus cos eye is not like that). and to paddy gay in der villij (wots' a village?) and montee. and orl der uvver frendly cats wot liv outside my territtorree in der norff of ingland and canada water on der dlr. ect ect.

ackshirley i is a bit wurrid about oscar cos he is not goin out to der toy-let orl der time and he has a staff (thats' a long stick of would, my dad sez) wot gets cross. oscar i orlways go out. intrestin der feemails is yoosin der tray not for shit but just four wee wees sumtimes but they boath goin out two. they like der tray.

osca woz arskin me bout fings wot i dont' like so i is goin too doo a list ver soon.

buy by frends four now. yore frend and ver brave top cat.

oh and my mum is ver happy cos she got given an Emm Ay wiv Merit but she hasnt' shoan it too mee yet.

is the op-er-ah singer on the site your dad then? will he teach me to sing? i want to be a professional singer but i am not very good at the moment. apparently i sound like a drowning cat.
Hello Biggles, Gay Paddy here. thank you for you message and uestion. Let etell you that a villageis ike a terriory, he terriory in hic Ilive. I cll msef the only gayin the village after some weird comedy show my mum watchedonce. she hought it summed me up nicely!
Hello Biggles. I love duvets tooooooo. My mummy has a purple one and I stretch out on it all night. Your mummy sounds like a nice and clever lady. Do you meet her from work?
My predecessors used to meet my mummy when she got off the bus from school, then walk her back home. Frankly, I am too posh to walk outside in South London. It's a bit rough and I'm not very butch yet. Do you eat spinach?
Hi Biggles thanks for your message. I haven't written much recently because I haven't been able to get on the computer as the Staff is trying to write something for a meeting tomorrow-she is supposed to have written a book and to discuss it with an edit-err (what ever that is) tomorrow and she has only done one chapter, she is throwing lots of things around the room. I don't know what chairing panels means. there is panels in the shed in the garden. I do know what a chair is though. Staff says she wants one. I have one. It is in the living room and has a blue fluffy cushio on. It is mine and I don't let anyone else sit on it. Maybe thats what she means?
Her hair changes colours a lot- I think it must be magic. When I first went to live with her it was a yellow colour. Then it went brown. Then it went very very light and grew a couple of feet in a day. It was fun to swing on and climb. Then it suddenly disappeared again and she had two colours in her hair- brown and grey (a bit like Dennis). Now it is nearly black. It confuses me. My hair doesn't change colour.

Don't think the photo of your op-er-ah singing dad is that bad-if you want to see very awful picture, check out
the only thing I can say in her defence (if I have to) is that the website has not been updated for two years and age-ing has helped her!
Hullo biggles the cat! I have a new toy that looks very much like corky the cork but instead is mousy the mouse. It even squeaks. Does Corky squeak? Do you like sharing your toys?
Hi Biggles
You know that your Dad did that gend-er-iden-tity-thing? does that cover species identity? i am a bit upset cos i have just found out that i think i am a panda-the evidence is on my blog.
your confused friend,
Dear Biggles top cat,

Thank you for your message, lovely to hear from you again. Yes, I would highly recommend asking your parents for a village, they are, as you say “cool”! Don’t you have a village where you live then? Do you live in London? I’ve never been but I hear that the west end is rather theatrical and thespy!

You really are missing out not going to the vet you know. I love having my temperature taken, it is such a lovely sensation! I am pleased though that I will have to go back to the bet soon for my annual check and booster. I hate the needles they stick in you with injections, but at least I will see the thermometer again!

Are you any good at hunting? Lola bought a worm in the other night, it was really long pink and yuck! Pixie and I were really scared! I prefer to hunt toy mice, but maybe it’s because I am gay!
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