Monday, April 16, 2007


Few!!!!! I can blog agen

Intrestin picks dat I thort yoo wood like to sea. Dis is corled a Liger; a daddy lion got frendly with a mummy tiger and dey decided to have a baby together wot is bigger than they are!! But I no dat reeders of this blog wont' be scared cos yoo has seen much more fritening fotos of me gardin der shoppin or camooflarged in der daffydills and fings, never minde playin wiv corkey der cork!! i shood fink he eets alot of hills science in a day. and hes' got a bit of a tummee!!!!!

well der payrents is back from visitin der lady corled florence. gess wot!! unlike cats wot is clever and speak cat, rite? hoomans ca'nt orl understand each uther!!!! amazin!!! yoosless. for egg-sample; wear florence is in her language she is noane as "Frenzy" and "see" means "yes", and if you rite "dove" it do'nt mean soap but means ware or wear or where. say means if ect ect. how stoopid can yoo get. well thats' not orl; der payrents is fooriusss; they did some flying and der meenee hairline thing, kept dem waiting and weighting and weighting on der run up away fingy and den sed we is not bringin yore luggage it orl stay hear but yoo can fly. so der payrents is fooreeuss cos dis pip squeak hairline, meridiana, still has'nt sent der luggage fing wiv der cloves and fings (cos hoomans dont' have feurr).

well, yoo arsk, how woz der hous while der payrents woz away. well, of corse, i was left in compleet charg for der hole too weaks!! zoe was hear wiv all-stares, she go evryware with him, orl kissy kissy yuk yuk and sit at there computers lots, dunno Y. cos i is hyer in der peckin order dan her she has to have dis bloke around so she can try and be on top of me, hmmmmm. and der bluddy cheak dey mooved into my king size bed wot i lets mumm and dad yoos a bit at nite without even arksin me!!!!!!! and allstairs woz grumblin wen i settled on der bed wen my speshal cuvver woz not pooled up - bluddy cheak, in my house. (but acksherley, and do'nt tell no won - it woz reely nice to see zo agen and allstares is not that bad even if he dont' no how to treat a cat proper. it was nicer to have them hear than to be left wiv no hooman in der house and mimi cummin in too feed me - even tho she is nice. me n zo get on ok reely and she is runtys' mummy.
but its' good to have der payrents back, i could help hang out der woshin wiv dad then help mum get it in, makin shure no won attacks them and steels der sheets, even tho if hoomans woz as good as cats dey wood not knead too doo woshin. and it woz nice too day, sleepin on der shed wiv runty. oh yeh, runty wot part of her runtiness is her paffetic feur, looks to have got her ears all sun burnt cos dey is orl pinkee. tee hee. oh yeh and runty dun a big pea on der carpet on der stares like wot she has'nt dun four a loooong time, just arfter der payrents had gon to sea florence (frenzy). danl and rosies woz still hear den and she moped it up.

good to have der payrents back so i has sumwun too share der runnin of der house - not that I cant' doo it without them.

time for a sleap

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