Monday, April 23, 2007


Me n runty got tolde off - tee hee

Mee n runty got tolde off by dad cos of chaysing gwenny. well, gwenny has bin getting very norty. she has bin eating lots of runtys' speshal food even in frunt of her wen runty nose she shood'nt eat mr hills science food and this upsets runty. but gwen has bin sneeking up stares and kreepin into bedrooms and sleapin under beds even managing it sumtimes when runty or me is asleep in the room, like on hour dubble bed!! she nose its' not her territtorree upstares but she is still doing it to annoy us and she is marking fernitsher and things with her smell wen its hours too doo!!!!

well, gwen thort she wood sneak up stares and go under a bed yesterday mourning wen ever body was asleep accept dad (danl and rosies woz staying two) but runty sore her going up stares and chased her up and gwen found herself trapped with no daw open too go into a room. well, gwen new she was in der rong and runty had a reel go at her, der language was reely shocking even for an experienced top cat like mee to here. dad went up stares to brake it up and runty started down the stares and gwenny hid behinde der lorndry basket. dad wonted them bothe downstares but runty woz waiting for gwenny part whey down, so gwenny had to jump throo der bannisters to get down.

well, gwenny dun cum into der play room in case she needed to yoos der cat flap and get out and i cort her their and got her in a corner and i told her wot four and even rased a poor at her with my clores out!!! ho yes, we top cats knead to keep the uthers in plaice. well, dad dun cum down cos he herd me tellin gwenny wot four and orl that and he sed i shood not doo that sort of thing and leave her aloane. so gwen dun went out and i got told off two but it woz werth it and we woz not reely punisht or nuthin. (but she sneaked back in a bit later cos i sore her and she sneaked under a bed up stares for long long time of sleapin - wot is bad).

oh yeh, dad is gettin a bit fed up with runty two!! cos she is sleapin on his chare by der puter alot and likes it in the arfter noon, speshally, and if dad is sittin on it she looks at him and complanes very loud that he shood get off der chare and give it to her (she is on it now, this mourning, two, cos its' not sunny out) and if he do'nt she just stairs at him and complanes and the moment his bum doo lift off der chair even a cupple of inches she is on it like a shot even if she looks asleep someware!!! dad is less than thrilled with this.

bleedin feemails, eh, hood have them, eh? wot is they four?

oh, runty arsked if i cood put up sum noo fotos of her and i sed yes, so hear she is sunday bay-thing and sitting on her lorndry barskit wen she like der pong of der payrents cloaths cummin up to re-ashoor her.

Hi Biggles
it sounds like you get told off nearly as often as I do! being naughty is great fun- I would highly recommend it!
I will write more later- the computer at home is not working on the internet thing because something is wrong with the Sky so have ordered Staff to leave you a message on her work computer. She should be pleased to do so because her work sounds very stupid and boring. The mad woman has now decided that she wants to retrain as a vet which will only take her about 7 years-not very good if I need my injections in September! She will probably change her mind again- I think she should work at home so she can look after me.
Your mate Naughty Oscar!
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