Wednesday, April 25, 2007


this is a kwizz!!!!

wot is a kwizz? well, a kwizz is wear yoo is arsked kwizzchons and yoo has to giv the arnsers, ok? and i is not going to help yoo nyther.

look at these fotograrfs; is they a lion in der jungle? is they that huge liger mix of lion and tiger? or maybe a panther running ver fast? or is it me in my guardin workin throo der long grass cos my dad hasnt' cut it yet and sniffin der blue bells wot is a luvly littel flours now der daffies has gon? is i brilliantlee cammooflarged or can yoo sea mee?

now i is ackshirley not going to giv yoo no hints at orl on this won yoo is going to have to werk it orl out for yoreselves.

its' a tuff won so good luck.

i think it must be a panther running so quick that i didn't see it! or your camoflage disguise is so good!
Staff has asked some edinburger people to send her vet stuff. apparently she might be a bit stuffed because she was crap at science (is that like science plan?) at school and then did law and masters law things.
i think it would be good if she did become a vet even if it takes 10 years. i can wait that long for my injections. i hope she doesn't practice on me though. i think she should go and do it fulltime though - i would guard my house of course - but she says that there are things like a more-gidge and stuff that she has to work for.
i don't bother with money myself. i leave that mundane kind of thing to lesser mortals like Staff.
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