Monday, April 16, 2007


Universally Challenged

oh, they had der final (wot ever that is) of yoo-iver-sally challenged on telly and worrick wun. but i noo dis beefour cos zo is at worrick and her frend daisy (wot is a ver nice flour wot grose in our moss (or lorn as dad corls it)) woz captin. zo woz at skool wiv daisy two!! enny way they one sumthing, not shure wot but we orl has too say, jolly good fing and wears my corky?

zo and all-stares left tooday cos dey have there finals things cumming up wot dont' make them to happy at orl. but all-stairs is sooooooo clever he got a ded good job munths ago four wen he finishes and he becomes a meng (not mench - wot is germ-man, wot ever dat is - my dad made me put that) zo will be a ba, like a sheep.

oh, runty am missin her mum, cos altho they woz kicked back too her bed runty is sleapin on it weightin for her mum too cum back - stoopid cat.

and we opend a noo bag of hills science - hooray i like der stuff at der top of der noo packit and in duz not, duz not like der botom of der bag!

dad sez he wonts to rite sum stuff bout florens but i sez he ca'nt too nite cos hes not old enuff and shood go to bed - hes a bit cross at dis.

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