Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Vye do der feemale katz hate each other?

Guten tag, my name is Friedrich Pumpernickel und I heff been asked to explain to you vye der two female katz in dis house dislike each other so much. In oerder to achieve zis I must use der Kleinian theoretical position; to klerify, ziss iss der theoretical position of Melanie Klein and iss not connected viss der work of Gibbon's Die Klein und Fall of der Roman Empire.

Tosca (Runty, Nu-Nu) is split from her tail that she sees as a separate being and tormentor, she bites the tale to punish it for tormenting her but the pain from the bite torments her even more so she bites it again or washes it very vigorously vis her rasping tongue. Gwenhwievah (Gwenny) suffers from deep set paranoia even at the best of times and her feelings of persecution are brought into reality because of her near psychotic persecutory impulses zet she projects onto uzzers. Both these can be understood within the paranoid/schizoid position, which sits uncomfortably with Freud's model of pre-Oedipal development as it occurs at a much earlier age. It could be said zet Klein's theory vas too Jung for Freud but zis wouldt not be correct.

Zo, vot iss der paranoid/schizoid position? It is a very primitive state of early childhood and kittenhood with massive use of projective identification and splitting processes to cope with unmanageable anxieties. There is poor integration and it can lead to psychosis. Now, I am not saying that Runty and Gwenny are psychotic, well not much of the time, thanks to wonderful care in the community that they have received. But it is clear from this description that they each display one of the two aspects of the paranoid schizoid position, and even when feeling their best can lapse back into it. Runty has the split off schizoid and Gwenny the persecuted paranoia. So, when they meet each other they are confronted with the other half of their projected identification and must remain split, vich for zem is intolerable!!!!!

Vee must alzo look at two uzzer concepts; der goodt and bad breast und der vagina. Tosca only vants to drink from taps, cold vater taps; for her zese are der good breast from which she can gain the sustenance her desperately dry system can be satisfied with oral pleasure but the hot taps are the bad taps, the enemies that pour out unwanted water when the humans want to wash their hands etc. Her fixation on these taps and her need to drink in this way rather than from the bowls that contain polluted water, shows a fixation and rigidity to possess for herself at a very primal level the mother's breasts in a rigid and very early primal state. I would conclude from this that Tosca did not have a satisfactory termination to her breast feeding with her mother and may well have been suddenly and untimely removed from this nurturing.

As the room with the cat flat is in Gwenny's territory Tosca has now reached a position where she cannot use this flap to enter or exit, entry is especially impossible for her; thus, the vagina that delivered her has been rejected. Her use of the ventilation hole in the utility room was at find her own, better maternal vagina from which to have an untroubled delivery. However, Gwenny knows this and has started to use this particular vagina - these should not be seen in a symbolic way as the paranoid/schizoid position is most concrete - and to mark it with her smell, thus creating ambiguity and confusion where it cannot be permitted. What can Tosca do, perforce she must use this if she is unable to persuade a human to open the kitchen door, through which unencumbered movement can be made.

For Klein progress from zis state is into ze depressive position? Vant to try it, sweetie, a life time of depression? Und here she falls down, der Klein und fall; if you look at Biggles, der top kat, he iss in no way depressed but is a contented beast who hess his life pretty much worked out. He has no problems and keeps der two females in perspective, he hess nothink to contribute to the runt's splitting but he can help Gwenny with her paranoia, end ziss he does willingly.

Senk you. Zet vill be ten guineas please und I am most happy to commence a full Kleinian psycho-analysis with each cat for a modest daily And as the psyche of the cats is less complex than a human I estimate a speedy resolution in approximately nine years.

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