Friday, April 27, 2007


wot is der stuff wot is ritten belo on about??????

Well, i arsked runty wen we woz sittin on der table der uvver day havin a chat - hooray, my dad got out our sunday bay-thing table agen!!! I arsked her wot orl dat stuff woz about wot is ritten beelow, and she sed too mee that she wood hav a look and then she cum back and sed that she did'nt know or care. well, i had anuvver reed of it and honest i cood not understand a bleedin werd of it, rubbish if yoo arsk mee, and it woz so tiring i needed just a few minutes sleep two get over it.

then i arsked my dad if wen i woz sleapin liek in der top picksher if dat woz der paranod/skizzod posishon and he said - no. so i arsked him if he cood show me der paranod/skizzod pozishon and he said - no he carnt doo it but he thinks yoo can learn it at yogourt classes ware hoomans lern too doo things wot we katz doo ennyway. oh, i thort, hoomans is even more stoopid than i thort and i went back too sleap.

Hi Biggles
I am not in a good mood because I can't use the computer very much. Silly Staff tripped over the front door step last week (she wants me to point out that she was coming home from work and she was not drunk) and now she has a thing called a fracture in her scay-foid (is that like typhoid) and an ulnar coll-at-ural rupture in her thumb. She is in a very bad mood and is staying at home a lot so I can't get on the computer and I can't make her type for me because one of her arms is slinging!
Hope you are well
Your friend Oscar
Hello Biggles, how are you? it's your friend Paddygay here. I am glad tat your humas are back from their travels, I have missed reading your blog.
Things have settled down again since ola came home from her own holiday and we are all living quie armoneously for a change. It was a bit traumatic though on Sunday and yesterdy as mummy's grandmother and her thing stayed over and he is a bii yuck! They slept in my bed so Pixie mummy and I had o slep in other mumm's ed. They made funny scary snore snre noises in the night and i got scared.
Hello again Biggles, Paddy here. Yes, did hear about Oscar's saff, my other mummy! my mummy told me that she spent 4 hours in casualitywith her. I remember that because I did not get my dinneruntil very very lat. I am a it frightened of the laster cast though!
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