Monday, May 14, 2007


doo hoomans ackshirley no wot a mouse is??

I am sumtimes amazed at the compleet ingorance of hooman beans. hoomans corl der compooter thing on the left (or is that rite?) a mouse. (sigh). sew, hear is a bit of edjukayshun. der fing on der wright (or is that left?) is a propper acktual mouse. gwen has popped a cupple of mouses on the patio this larst weak. did i sea her? no but i duz not catch mouses. I has played with mouses for a bit and it can be good fun but i is not a killer of them but she did not eat ither. it is a bit wet from orl the reign but woz pritty fresh so hear is a picksher for yore ejucayshun..

So, if their is hoomans reeding this let us look at the diffrences, ok? cat's nead not reed no maw cos they will no wot i is torkin about strait away.

one is ver small and tiny and one is quite a bit bigger - guess wich. won is a furry little thing and one is plasticky smoothy - which won? won has a tale and won has a why-yer - getting the idea? one is a little animal wot scutters around der gardin on its own and run away from cats and the uther sits on a desk buy a compooter and do'nt doo nuthin unless a hooman moves it. won has got for legs and the other has nun. one has no clicky buttons or wheely bits and one duz.

ok, i hope buy now yoo have werked out wich is a mouse - cos if not yoo is excepshonal stoopid.

how cood enny body have ever corled the compooter thingy a mouse? it do'nt look nuthin like a mouse and its' the rong size. duh! its' two big!!!! its' the size of a rat or a berd. so why not corl it a rat or if yoo wont to corl it sumthing relating to the top animals of orl yoo cood corl it a mere cat? click on the rat or mere cat ect. or just do'nt corl it arfter an animal at orl if yoo is so bleedin ignorant, blind and stoopid.

nuff sed. i win as yoojall.

PS Gwen dun left annuver mouse on the pateeoh tooday. that makes too add won, wot is a bit big as a some four

i think staff's computer is even more stupid than yours. she doesnt have a rat thing with wheels now she has a broken paw. now she has a thing called a mousepad- i mean how dumb is that. it is flat with two buttons and looks nothing like a mouse or pad or anything else. i would tell her this but she is in a tired mood having spent yesterday doing something called in-vig-i-late-ing. apparently in a 2 and a half hour exam with 500 students, 2 were ill and 73 went to the toilet. i think the 73 must be incontinent or something- i can sleep for 15 hours without going to the toilet. maybe they should put litter trays in the examroom. then there was a flood and one student got wet hair. and then a spider ran up a girls leg and they all screamed and staff had to pick up the spider and take it outside. the girl is putting in mitigation cos apparently it upset her and made her forget all about murder. the toilet situation got so bad that staff had to put two people on something called bog patrol - is that like your patrols? they had to stand outside the toilet to be ready for all the people that have to wee. staff made her staff (that is funny that she has staff at work) check inside the toilet cisterns cos she got suspicious that they might be cheating rather than weeing in there. she says there are some benefits of being in charge- not having to do bog patrol is obviously why she worked hard to get promoted. that and being able to work at home and watch the sky that is!
anyway she says she is going to work to do sme shopping now so i have to get offthe computer. bye for now. oscy
osker, can i arsk yoo a kweschun pleese? yoo has a link too my blog on yore blog wot is ver nice. i arsked my dad how yoo doo this and he got ver grumpy and sed, i duz not have time for this nonsense, and wo'nt tell me (I think he dont' no how but wo'nt say!!!) can yoo tell me how, please? yore good frend biggles.
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