Monday, May 28, 2007


runty have lerned a new teckneek!

As yoo no normally wen runty doo drink from her fave-rit tap she doo get water on der brane cos she stick her hed under der tap, drink from der wosh bay-sin and it get orl wet on top and she then have a damp hed for quite a long time wot she do'nt reely like, speshally in winter, the wet soke throo too her brane and she get lots of short sir-kits and get eeven madder than she is jump about and bite her tale ect ect.

well she hav shown that she is not total stoopid cos she has tort herself a noo teckneek for drinking from her fave-rit tap so that her hed doo not get wet no more. well, dun, runty, wee say. of corse, wen i occayjonally has a drink from der tap in der barth downstares i drink strait from the worter streem ennyweigh but that cos i is sew much maw cleverer than runty enny weigh - but wee orl new that, did'nt wee!

runty tork too der pay-rents much more than i do. i dus chat a bit wen they is ver stooopid but when she up stares in her territtorree air-reea wot she shares with me, she orlweighs deemarnding and torking lots and wont her way - but she do'nt tork down stares and she do'nt purr ny-ther cos its gwens air-reea (eck-sept the kitchen, wot we orl share - mind yoo, wen runty and gwen meet in the kitchen the language am sumthing shocking i can tell yoo as a nice polight cat, they doo not share nicely at orl!)

is'nt this orl sew ver ver intresting.

Hello top cat Biggles!
Perhaps you can help me? Monty B has developed a tendency to attack at Will.
Instead of growling or hissing (because he does not know how to and he only purrs like a fat man with a breathing problem eating sandwiches through his nose), he attacks. If I am stroking him, he up and attacks every piece of undefended skin he can find. He boxes my ears, clings on with all fours and teeth to my hands, and claws my ankles.
Is this normal ginger-cat behaviour ? He's only 6 months old - but you see he gets treated well and has lovely fresh chicken every day... be glad of any hints and tips from the top cat!
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