Wednesday, May 09, 2007


sea me doo the tie-pin!!

I thort yoo mite like to sea mee ack-shirley at der puter werking at my blog. Well, tie-pin is not that easy four a cat but cos i is clever with my pours i can manage to put down my grate thorts and news stuff four yoo orl too reed. yoo corl der fing you tiep on der tie-per so when yoo doo it it is corled tie-pin. I is all-sew sitting at my desk wot my dad sumtimes sez he needs to you's wot is not ver considerate of him when i knead it, in the summer i minde less cos i will sunday bayth in der guardin and sumtimes i will rest sumware else.

the thing on the left (or is that rite?) what is a bit shiney is corled by my dad a mouse. now, forgiv me cos as a cat i is just a bit of a egg-spurt on mouses, alot more than hoomans is, and this ai'nt nuthin like a mouse! i has played with mouses quite a bit, speshly when i woz yunger and gwenny wood bring them in and give me tern or i wood find won for myself. mind yoo gwen did not bring them in too play with but as a taisty snack. sumtimes she wood eat it orl and just leave a tale, sumtimes she wood eat bout harf and leave the rest and sum times she wood not be botherd to eat it at orl but just liked the carrying and killing bit - she a bit older now and doo it less. my dad did say to her, please to eat it orl up rarther than leaving him to have too clear up half a eaten mouse but he sed it woz a good biology lesson for him (he nice yoo sea). as yoo no i eats only mr hills science food sow woz not bothered about the mouses four food.

why, yoo arsk, oh egg-spurt, is this shiney thingy not like a mouse? 1. it is two big. mouses is small, sweet, furry creetures and this is much two big, it is the size of a rat. 2. it do'nt have a head and we no that orl animals has a hed. 2. it is orl shiney and have no fur - nuff sed on that. 2. it do'nt have no legs nigh-ther. 2. it dont' have no furry little wiskers like wot we animals has. 2. it got clicky buttons on it's top like wot i has never scene in any animal and never scene in nun of the telly progoms of mr david attenburger. sorry my dad sez he is a "sir" (wot ever that is) ok; mr david sir attenburger (ok? now go away and leve mee too doo my werk, hurrumff).

in conclusjon, it do'nt look nuthing like a mouse at orl and if hoomans wo'nt too corl this thingy after any animal it shood be RAT! but that tippical of hoomans and there ignorance and stoopidity. personally, i do'nt find it easy to use the rat at orl not having a horizontally opposed thum, so i has had to lern orl the comands bye yoosing the Ctrl button and pointy arrow quays and things.

nice fotos, eh? i is a pretty good lookin chap even if i say sow myself - yoo can see the!!!

late eddition, added later: erm, ackshirley, there woz a ded mouse on the patio and gwen did not tell dad or me about it (well, she woul'dnt tell me, wood she?) and it had bean their four a bit, so woz not ver nice when my dad cleared it up after the rain and flies and stuff. And it do'nt look nuffin like wot is on the compooter (mind yoo i has never left a pooter mouse out in the rain and stuff but I do'nt expect it looks like the dead won!!

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